Computers & Networks

Gone are the days when the computer or network crashing was a minor inconvenience. Today our computers hold our most vital information. Our communications, our calendars, our financial data, legal documents, medical records, photos of our families, and so much more, all depend upon reliable systems.

We’ve worked with law offices, where a failure to communicate can cost a client a trial, limitless amounts of money, and even years of his life in a prison he doesn’t belong in. We’ve worked with doctors offices where access to information can mean the difference between sickness and health, life, or death. We’ve worked with banking and financial institutions where millions upon millions of dollars are reliant upon speedy and secure computer and network infrastructure. We’ve worked with schools and universities, where the network simply cannot wait for a student who “knows just enough to be dangerous”.

The need for these systems doesn’t stop when we leave the office either. Priceless memories are now stored in photos and videos on our computers, and often nowhere else, a virus or hard drive crash could remove them from the Earth forever without proper precautions. Today’s professional needs access to his information from anywhere in the world, especially his home. Our children need access to the Internet to further their educations and build a better tomorrow.

That’s why we take our jobs so seriously. We are computer and network experts, we have decades of experience, and we stay on the cutting edge of technology so that lawyers can free the innocent, doctors can cure the sick, commerce can bring prosperity, and our children can live a better life than we did.