Network Cabling

Network Cabling Done Right


structuredcablingNetwork cabling is an important thing for any home or business to have done right right the first time. It requires knowledge, experience, and planning to avoid the connectivity issues, confusion, even legal problems and safety issues that can come from doing it wrong. We are network cabling professionals, with the decades of experience required to get the job done right the first time.

When you hire Do IT All Consulting to handle your network cabling installation or repair, you can rest assured that the installation will meet or exceed all networking standards, all fire codes, and all cosmetic expectations.

  • faceplateEach port will be individually labeled for easy identification and troubleshooting.
  • Cables will be properly placed in hooks or trays above your ceiling or beneath your floor.
  • Where required, we use top quality plenum cable to avoid safety and fire code issues.
  • At each end point, a proper service loop of extra cable is left hidden to facilitate future changes or repairs.
  • At your network closet, or other end points, we make neatly wrapped, tight, cosmetically pleasing cable bundles that hold secure and look professional.
  • We always use the highest quality materials for jacks, patch panels, cable, and cable management, to make sure that you have the fast, reliable connectivity that your business requires.
  • All twisted pair cable installations, Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, etc, are terminated using IDC (Insulation Displacement Connections) for the fastest, most reliable connectivity.
  • Each cable will be tested before we finish the job
  • You will receive a network diagram upon completion of the project.

Repairing Existing Network Cabling Problems


cabledisasterUnfortunately, it is not unusual for us to come across networks installed by others that are currently experiencing problems. Whether the problem was poor planning, workmanship, or materials from the outset, or an unforeseeable change in circumstances like expansion or new construction, we can help.

  • Can’t connect on that port? We have the proper test equipment to tell you if the problem is your cable, or your network switch, your patch panel, or the computer/phone at the workstation, and repair the problem on the spot.
  • Not sure where that cable goes? We can trace and identify cables, even ones hidden in walls, ceilings, and floors.
  • Tangled mess? Let us clean that up for you before it becomes a more serious problem.
  • Cable cut by other workers? We can fix that.


Upgrade Your Network Cabling


  • Ready to go gigabit? Gigabit networking requires Cat5e or better network cabling. Before you spend money on expensive switches and network interface cards, let us make sure your network cabling is up to spec.
  • New employees? Don’t run patch cables across your floor. Let us set them up right from the start.


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