Wireless Networking

Don’t let wires act as leashes, break free with wireless networking.


Wireless Networking

Wireless Networking

In today’s on the go world, we simply cannot afford to be tied down by wires. Wireless networking allows us to break free from our desks, while maintaining the connections that keep us going. We are wireless networking experts, who can make sure a signal reaches you wherever you need one.

In its simplest state, a wireless network for a home or small office can be as simple as plugging in a router and following some fairly straight forward instructions. When we start talking about larger homes or businesses though, things can get more complicated and that’s when you need a wireless networking professional.


Extending Your Range


Distance is the primary limitation of most wireless networks. The most common wireless networking protocols are 802.11 a/b/g/n networks, or WiFi as it is commonly known. These systems have come a long way in the last 10 years, but they were always designed to be short range systems, and the power output of the radios are limited by federal law. There are good reasons for this, it hardly seems practical for all of us to have cell towers on our roofs for example, and since the number of channels are limited, allowing the signals to travel long distances would render the protocol useless due to interference.

That in combination with signal dampening due to construction, is why you might experience slow speeds or lose connection to your wireless router altogether just by walking to the other side of the office or house. The good news is, there are numerous cost effective ways of solving these problems.

Wireless Networking

Wireless Networking

Additional Access Points

Often times, the most effective way of extending your range is to simply add another access point. This is especially the case if you already have wired networking connections in other areas of the facility.

WiFi Repeaters

When wires just aren’t an option, wireless networking repeaters, or range extenders as they are often referred to, provide an easy to use, cost effective alternative. By placing the repeater within the range of the existing signal, the repeater picks up that signal and relays data across another channel.


Campuses, Hospitals, Warehouses, Municipalities, and other Large Facilities


Larger institutions and facilities require special attention, because as more and more access points are added to the system, traditional methods of managing them become impractical. We have the unique experience and knowledge to make these systems work for you, like few others can boast. Our agents have helped manage and install Cablevision’s Optimum WiFi network in New York, the wireless networking infrastructure for the New York Institute of Technology, Saint Charles Hospital, and other high demand critical wireless infrastructure.

Wireless Surveys w/ Heat Maps

Whether you need to survey your existing wireless infrastructure, or set up a brand new one, planning is key. Using your existing facility map, or designing one for you, we can provide you with a color coded signal strength map that can be used for troubleshooting existing problems, or planning a seamless new installation.

Centralized Management

When your system has dozens and dozens of wireless access points, checking on each one manually becomes a difficult and costly, if not impossible task. Centrally managed wireless networks allow the network administrator to monitor and manage the entire system from a single interface. This helps minimize downtime by alerting the admin when problems occur, pinpointing the location and nature of the problem.

Mesh Networks

Mesh networking provides redundancy and resiliency, even where wires cannot reach all of your wireless access points. Access communicate with each other, either by cables or by radio waves, and if one runs into trouble others can pick up the slack until a technician can make repairs.


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